How To Receive More Cash For Gold Jewelry And Scraps

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Whether you are cleaning out your jewelry chest, or need money because your savings are all gone, selling your old jewelry can be a wonderful solution, at least, if you do it right. Blindly following the commercials on the radio and TV about “cash for gold in Kansas City” may sound really good, but is it truly the best option for you? By checking out all the businesses offering cash for gold in Kansas City, you may actually find the one offering you a higher price for your precious golden heirlooms than those companies promoting themselves through major media outlets.

Before selling your unwanted gold to just any company, shop around. Compose a list of questions, which you can ask all your candidates. Write the answers down so you can compare them afterwards. Before long, you will see a pattern appear, and the company offering you the best deal on cash for gold in Kansas City will soon emerge.

When visiting a ‘cash for gold’ business, make the following inquiries:

- How long have you been in business?
- If I cannot come by your office location, can I contact you by phone or through email?
- Will you send a free, postage paid envelope for Internet transactions?
- How safe and confidential is my business with you?
- Are my valuables insured if I send them through the mail?
- What items and precious metals do you buy? Is it limited to gold, or do you also except silver and platinum?
- How long will it take to evaluate my gold?
- When will I be paid?

Carefully compare all your answers, so you will be able to make an informed decision about which company offering cash for gold in Kansas City will give you the best deal!


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