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Budget Friendly Ones on the Arkansas River in Wichita

November 21st, 2022

Located on the Arkansas River, the Wichita museum district is a large well-kept park region having several family-friendly museums and galleries for all ages and tastes. Since they are within reasonable distances from each other, they are easy to find and access with free parking.

This district is located a mile north of a main east-west artery (Kellogg Avenue or Highway-54/400) on Seneca Street where it adjoins other drives and boulevards on both sides of the river. Most admissions to these attractions are less than $10 with discounted rates for seniors and children. Young children get in free. Most are open the year round, but close on major holidays.

One thing standing-out at the north end of Seneca Street, just east of and behind the Mid-America All Indian Center, is the raised 74-foot high Keeper of the Plains sculpture at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers. It stands next to a cable-suspended walking bridge crossing over to the far shores of each river. This artistic structure features built-in bow-and-arrow designs. At night, both the sculpture and bridge are lit up.

From this point, the following main museum attractions are located nearby (west, north, and east). They all have gift shops and Internet websites. We visited three of them, and drove by the other two.